Here we ramble, sketch and ponder the magnificence and diversity of tea.

tadpole teaspoon in a teapot

How to Make Tea Infused Ingredients

Creating baked goods with the flavours and health benefits of tea is not as easy as simply tossing some tea leaves into the mix. The dry leaves don’t transfer much of their flavour or scent into the end product and are not particularly appetising to munch on. The most effective way to add the delicious tastes and aromas of your favourite tea is to infuse one or more of the recipes ingredients.

tea purification

Renovate with Tea

Are you renovating or building and looking for a way to use up your old…

Different teas need different temperatures to bring out their best

Tea and Temperature

Green tea is horrible and bitter!! Yes, I would have agreed based on my early experiences of green tea, which were generally low grade tea bag versions brewed in boiling hot water. Sadly this is the only encounter most Australians have with green tea and if this is you, please, please give it another go. Green tea really is delightful, sweet and refreshing when made properly.

So how does the temperature affect the tea? If all tea comes from the same plant then why should it make any difference how hot the water is? It all comes down to differences in production methods.

maxwell and williams sprinkle cake stand

5 Cool Tiered Cake Stands

Nothing screams “high tea” like a tiered cake stand loaded with wee sandwiches, quiches, cakes or scones. We have scoured around and found some pretty cake stands available online for your next tea party.

Sometimes one cup of tea just isn't enough. (Image shows a man in a tea cup bath tub)

Big Tea needs

When a single cup of tea just won’t do I like to pull out my giant tea cup bathtub and soak it in through my skin.

Missus will you make me tea, make love to me, put on the telle to the BBC.

Make love and make tea

Sketchy Wedensday…

“Missus will you make me tea,

Make love to me,

Put on the telle to the BBC.”

-From Ming Teas song ‘BBC’ in an Austin Powers movie

Quote from Buffy the Vampire Slayer "I want a tea Cosy! I do not know what one is, but I want one!" Sketch shows Buffy next to a vampire with a tea cosy on his head.

Tea Cosys and vampire slayers

“I want a tea cosy! I don’t know what one is, but I want one!” -Buffy the Vampire Slayer

billy connelly quote if a man is left alone in a room with a tea cosy and does not attempt to wear it he is not to be trusted

Tea Cosy logic

“If a man is left alone in a room with a tea cosy and he does not attemp to wear it, he is NOT to be trusted!” – Billy Connolly

make tea not war sketch

Sketch – Make Tea, not War

Make tea, not war!