Renovate with Tea

Are you renovating or building and looking for a way to use up your old tea bags so you can buy some delicious TweeTea?

Renovate with Tea

hang tea bags to remove formaldehyde from the air when painting

Well, here is a use for your tea bags that’ll knock your socks off. In 2000 a research paper was published in New Scientist from scientists looking for a cure to ‘sick building syndrome’. What is sick building syndrome I hear you ask, well it is that icky feeling you get when building or renovating (nausea, sore throat and other general ailments) from the chemicals in fresh paint and glue. The prime chemical culprit is formaldehyde, the chemical I have always thought of as preserve-dead –animal-chemical.

Apparently scattering tea bags around the house is the trick. The tannins in tea are a fab way to soak up those nasty chemicals, and the tea with the highest tannin quantity, hence purifying capacity, are green and black tea. In fact researchers found that formaldehyde concentrations fell by an astounding 60-90% when tea bags were hung up to purify the air!

So next time you are giving the spare room a lick of paint, instead of getting woozy on the fumes, string up a few tea bags. It looks weird and cool, and will help preserve you from the ultimate preserver – formaldehyde.

Isn’t tea the best!