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Orange Blossom Oolong 20g


Are the neighbours kids screaming, dogs barking, and you need a break? Let this Oolong will help to transport you to your happy place. The delicious fragrance of oranges blends delightfully with the smooth oolong base.

weight 50g

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    pocket pack squareorange blossom oolong teaOrange Blossom Oolong

When dry, this tea smells of sweet almond cookies, and on brewing the fruity ­flavours of orange combine well with the smooth nutty oolong base.

Oolong tea leaves are lightly rolled allowing them to become semi fermented as evident when looking at the colour of the wet leaves after brewing. This process imparts a mellow taste on steeping part way between black and green tea.

A fantastic tea for those new to Oolongs. We recommend you steep this tea 2-3 times to enjoy the full spectrum of flavour it has to offer.

BREW: 1 tsp per 300ml cup. Preheat your cup/pot, pour in boiling water and wait 5-8 minutes. You can re-brew the leaves 2-3 times.


ENJOY: on its own

CONTAINS: oolong tea, orange peel


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